June 8, 2019


Lenču iela 9/11

Cēsis, Latvija


Baltic Sketching Festival

Yes, you can draw!

We are convinced that drawing is for everyone. Not just kids and professional artists.  Drawing teaches you to slow down and enjoy little things and can become part of your lifestyle.


First Baltic Sketching Festival welcomes everyone who is interested in drawing, sketching, painting - both those who already draw or paint and those who are willing to begin their journey into the world of visual expression. We will show you how to stop and admire the world around us with a sketchbook and a pen or a box of watercolors.

We hope to create an event where everyone with a pencil and paper feels amazing!

We will have talks and demos by different experienced artists.

We will have workshops both for adults and for kids.

We will have sketch-stops where to try just acquired tips & tricks. 

We will have an Art Market where you can buy everything you need.

We will have nice looking and "sketchogenic" street food and we will have afterparty!

Come and join us un June 8 2019 in Cesis, Latvia.


Alex Hillkurtz
Paris, France
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Alex Hillkurtz was born in England and grew up in California where he is a renowned storyboard artist for feature films, television, and commercials. Currently living in Paris, Alex enjoys discovering the hidden corners of a city that sketching and painting allow. In our too-crowded lives, sketching moves at a more deliberate pace, revealing the true sense of place and its stories, that are often overlooked. 


Masha Zurikova
Riga, Latvia
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I'm a freelance illustrator, painter and sketcher currently based in Riga, Latvia. I am convinced that beauty is everywhere. The most important thing is to be able to find inspiration in any ordinary event and to follow your heart. I am painting with oil and watercolors to show my vision of the natural beauty.  I make illustrations and fast sketches of everyday life. Urban sketching is very important part of my self-exploration and self-expression journey, that always reminds me to stay mindful and seize the moment.

mb Agnese-1.jpg
Agnese Aljēna
​Riga, Cesis, Latvia
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I am Agnese Aljena, sketcher, illustrator and photographer, based in Riga, Latvia. During my PhD studies I researched a theme of value management in fine art, and for several years my personal interest outside the scope of thesis was creativity and psychological processes behind it. Drawing was a kind of personal experiment for me, brought to urban sketching and my first illustrated book was printed this winter. Drawing has become a significant part of my life and I feel like I have found a way back to my roots.

Nataliya Goncharova
Riga, latvia
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I am an urban sketcher and illustrator from Riga. Once upon a time I was convinced that you have to have a special talent and/or graduate from the Academy of Arts to draw, but urban sketching proved me wrong, and now I’m convinced that anyone can do it. Sketching is my passion and a very important part of my life. I don’t leave home without a sketchbook, and it is truly fascinating to keep visual diaries of places I visit and encounters I have. Another important thing is that sketching is a perfect digital detox and a way to capture the moment, here and now, and imprint it on a blank page.

Liene Ligere & Lotte's Papery
​Riga, Latvia
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I work everyday with two of my favourite materials - leather and paper. That leads me to what is important for me in life - things that make you slow down, make you stop and live that very moment, just the way you are. Paper and leather are so real for me, so tangible, so full of dreams, goals and expectations - all in our hands to become real. They are my foundation of big things.

Andrei Kedrin
Tallinn, Estonia
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Andrei Kedrin is a visual artist and art instructor from Estonia. Was born in St. Petersburg and raised in Tallinn. Finished Estonian Academy of Arts as a graphic designer. Experienced with illustration, traditional and digital painting.


Favorite medium - watercolors. Travels a lot and always with a sketchbook. An active member of the local art scene and founder of a drawing community called Wednesday Sketching. His motto and lifestyle - I draw pictures every day.



Alise Ķīnasta
​Cesis, Latvia
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My name is Alise Ķīnasta and I am practicing artist and graphic designer educated as an art historian. I do both paintings and illustrations where I love to go wild with abstract and experimental techniques, by combining different media and adding elements of modern calligraphy. My passion is bold strokes and crazy splashes, colors from the natural landscape, small towns and art museums.


Patricija Brekte
Sigulda, Riga, Latvia
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Being an actively working artist I want to get to know the art world even more and take an active part in activities that are given to me by current possibilities. Currently I am active in the fields of painting and graphics. I have taken part in several international exhibitions in Latvia and abroad as well as in different creative symposiums; also in different residential programs. In 2006 I created my own Art Studio Peahen in Andrejsala. After 12 years in Riga, the Art Studio Peahen has moved to Sigulda. We created art house - Peahen Residence as an exciting new residential art studio and the other part of the house are available 3 en-suite rooms for rent, artists are welcome to stay over and use art studio space by appointments.

Kristine Martinova grey.jpg
Kristīne Martinova
​Riga, Latvia
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I'm master student at graphic department of Art academy of Latvia with strong focus on illustration. I have found my own visual language and now I'm continuing to developed it. Sketching is an important part of my everyday life, it helps to find new solutions and strengthening my drawing skills, it's a tool that open's my mind and motivates think creatively. Some keywords that characterise my artistic nature are: free flow of thoughts, imaginative world and character drawing.


Exhibition and Contest





until April 30, 2019



Art Space Mala, located in the 17th century beer brewery is a home base for our festival. Cēsis is a medieval town a bit more than an hour drive from Riga centre. 

Full address

Lenču iela 9/11, Cēsis, Latvia


Getting to Cēsis

by train (trains leaving from Riga Central Station)

by bus (leaving from bus station)

by car (take road A2)

Detailed info here

Parking in Cēsis

Long term parking lots (free of charge) in Cēsis:

Tirgus laukums

Contact Us



Open lectures and talks about and around sketching, drawing, painting and art all day long.

11:30 - Official opening of the Festival

12:00 - Portrait sketching for beginners

- Andrei Kedrin, Estonia

13:00 - Yes, you can draw!

- Agnese Aljēna, Latvia

14:00 - What’s new in the world of children's book illustration?

– Maša Zurikova, Latvia

15:00 - Young illustrators sketchbook

- Kristīne Martinova, Latvia

16:00 - Tricks from the film industry that will allow you to improve your sketching

– Alex Hillkurtz, France


Open demonstrations by different artists showing their tips and tricks all day long.

12:00 – Sketching with markers

– Maša Zurikova, Latvia

13:00 – Portrait sketching for beginners

– Andrei Kedrin, Estonia

14:00 - Fast and easy sketches with watersoluble materials

– Nataliya Goncharova, Latvia

15:00 – Watercolor urban sketching

– Alex Hillkurtz, France

16:00 – Abstract watercolor painting

– Alise Ķīnasta, Latvia

Pop-up demos will happen from time to time. Please check where people are gathering.


11.00 - 17.00

Several sketching stops where everyone can try to be an artist.

Nature Drawing stop

UrbanSketching stop

Children sketchstop non stop


Five workshops by different artists. In order to participate in a workshop you have to book your place in advance here.

12:00 - 14:00

Alex Hillkurtz (France)

Watercolor urban sketching workshop (for advanced sketchers)

Experience real urban sketching! During the workshop Alex will lead you through his process of telling a compelling story with a painting. Sharing his personal theory on color, light, perspective, and composition, he will teach you how to convey a mood with a painting.



12:00 – 14:00

Alise Ķīnasta (Latvia)

Watercolors gone wild

We will explore and learn the joy of unconventional watercolor techniques by .. by just going wild with splashing, splattering, blooming and layering the colors to purposely make mistakes. Which is impossible in art. We will use unusual tools and brushes to challenge ourselves, to unlearn what we know about watercolors and to set us free in our each and individual style of expression. There will be mess, the unexpected and above all - the freedom. In the end of the workshop you will have at least 10 abstract pieces to be used as you wish.



12:00 - 14:00 and 15:00-16:30.

Patricija Brekte (Latvia)

Workshop for young sketchers

Active workshop for young sketchers (10-15 years old and 6-10 years old) with artist Patricija Brekte.


15:00 – 17:00

Lottes Papery (Latvia)

Watercolor sketchbook making class.

We will create covers from genuine leather that will become your best friend throughout the future sketching adventures. Covers will be used together with accordion watercolour inserts (for which we will learn the basics, so that you can make one yourself, but due to shortage of time, you will receive one already pre-made block of inserts). You will get to learn the basics of working with leather, put your hands into the creative process of designing and making the covers and at the end you will be able to customize it with your own chosen initials or short name! And yes, Lotte will be there too to bark a bit, play and finally snooze in a corner.


15:00 - 17:00 –

Urban Sketching School Riga (Latvia)

Watercolor urban sketching for beginners

Experience real urban sketching! We are convinced that anyone can learn how to draw, you just need to overcome the fear of the blank page. During the workshop we will introduce you to the concept of urban sketching and show the basic techniques of sketching with ink and watercolor. You will have an opportunity to try out sketching with watercolors. Our aim is to inspire you for further adventures in this amazing world of sketching!

Art Market


11:00 - 17:00

Possibility to meet different art supply stores and art supply producers and buy your special tools. 



18.00​ - ... 

Festival afterparty hosted by Art Space MALA

18:00 - 20:00

Drink & Draw Live drawing session (18+)

Street Food


11.00​ - 19.00

Street food festival.

Please note that photographs and footage will be taken throughout Baltic Sketching Festival. These will be used for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website and in social media or in any third party publication. Please contact the event organiser if you have any concerns or if you wish to be exempted from this activity